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For quality car tyres in Catford look no further than Rushmores and Hawstead Garage

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With a range of car tyres in Catford to suit most vehicles and a fantastic network of suppliers you will be able to have the perfected tyres fitted at Rushmores and Hawstead Garage. We are here to offer advice and recommendations so please feel free to ask for our advice when it comes to finding your next set of tyres. If you are looking for cheap car tyres in Catford than choose Rushmores today.

Keeping good conditioned tyres on your vehicle is essential. Not only are they a key component in your vehicles overall performance but they have a massive impact on safety. Tyres that lack the minimum required levels of tread will suffer from a drastically reduced grip on the road and will not provide the required control in the event of sudden braking.

One of the common questions we are asked regarding tyres is what the difference is between budget and premium tyres.

Budget tyres are developed with a strict price point in mind, this is reflected in the quality of materials used in their construction to the technologies employed during their development.

By contrast a premium tyre will be developed with the intention of creating the best tyre possible, using superior materials and the latest technologies. The results often speak for themselves with premium tyres being harder wearing and better performing.

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