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Don’t lose your cool this summer and book your air conditioning service and regas today with Rushmores

Book an air conditioning service and regas ready with Rushmores in Catford. If you notice a funny smell or any issues to do with your air conditioning system why not book our FREE Air con check online today.

Like any other system within your vehicle your air conditioning requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is running a full efficiency. If your air conditioning system has received servicing in the past then most of the time a simple regas can be enough to bring it back to life. For those that have been neglected then a full air conditioning service and antibacterial treatment may be necessary.

Over the course of your vehicles life, the refrigerant that runs through the system responsible for producing the cool air eventually leaks from the system. This continues happening until there is no refrigerant left, with no refrigerant in the system bacteria can begin to build up within the system.

You can book this service using our online booking system, alternatively, you can contact us here or call on 020 8690 6363 to discuss this service further.

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